15 Symptoms of a Sinking business you must know to Turn Your Business into a Massive Customer Magnet for Immediate profit.
How can you get the key to that door which opens up the business opportunities of a lifetime? The first step is to find out what are some of the things you have been doing wrong and then, correct them. So let’s analyze 15 symptoms that contribute to the sinking of most business.
1. We call this first one the “World’s Worst Salesman”–not serving your customers to the fullest by offering them a wide spectrum of products and services.
2. Not using Direct Result Marketing–not having the means to measure the performance of your marketing dollars spent.
3. Not understanding the expandability of markets–thinking in close-minded terms about the potential of your specific market.
4. The dumbest advertisement idea–spending hard to earn dollars on non-productive TV adds.
5. Not showing your “wounds” and “scars” –assuming that by hiding your faults, the customers will not find out about them.
6. Trying to act as if your customers don’t have any objections–living in a bubble and thinking that all will be fine in “Pleasantville”
7. Marketing to what people are, instead of what they want to be–trying to attract people on the basis of what they are rather than what they want to be.
8. Having Big Egos — Having plenty of competition but assuming your company is better, just because . . . well . . . it’s your company, so it’s got to be better.
9. Falling Victim to the Field-of-Dreams Syndrome — Building a new concept before you talk to potential customers, on the assumption that they’ll come anyway when the concept is ready.
10. Not Knowing Where the Cash Is — No one knows how much cash is available, and expenses aren’t carefully analyzed to see how they help growth.
11. Making One Sale, Then No Sales — Even when you’re unable to find new customers, you are reluctant to rethink your business plans.
12. Buying for Tomorrow — Renting too much office space, over-hiring, and over-buying.
13. Not treating customers as THE most important part of your business–losing sight of the role your customers play in your business.
14. Lowering your prices and dumping your products or services below their real value.
15. Cutting marketing and innovation expenses at the first signs of business decline — forgetting the purpose of marketing and innovation.
The issue right now is how you can transform your business into that massive customer magnet for immediate profit, you don’t have to think it out; that has been done. I have developed solutions for each of the symptoms mentioned above which if applied will get you the expected and promised result faster than you think. These solutions are a product of a new system called BOSS (Business Operational Strategic System)-The Management system of the information Era. My subsequent blog will feature solutions for each of the symptoms in detail such that you can start to implement them for immediate result.
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