We Offer FREE Talks on Hot Business Topics

All of our talks are filled with high-powered business strategies designed to create explosive growth in your attendees’ organizations.

Great for breakfast, lunch or dinner presentations, our talks can also be *custom adapted to for your convention or other corporate event. (*We may or may not charge for custom-made talks.)

Topics to choose from:

  1. Empowering Entrepreneurs – The Jobenomics Way of Saving our Economy
  2. The Mindset of Successful Leaders – The Fundamentals for Striving Businesses
  3. Powerful Business Organization – Start with Your Staff in Mind
  4. Massive Profits through Efficient Operations – Systemize, Standardize, Optimize & Maximize
  5. Essential Keys to Business Longevity – Innovation, Marketing & Customer Satisfaction
  6. The Power to Influence – Thank God for Sales People
  7. Business Strategy vs. Business Tactics – Double the Value of Your Business this Year!
  8. Business Breakthrough – Obliterating Doubts and Limiting Beliefs!
  9. Business Breakthrough – The Zen Way out of Doubts and Limiting Beliefs.

Presentation formats:

We offer you two presentation formats that can be adapted to your individual group’s need.

  • 20-60 Minute short talks: Ideal for breakfast, lunch or dinner presentations or as part of a larger agenda
  • 2-5 hour workshops: Designed for membership appreciation, membership drives and trainings and other events for business owners. Must have at least 15 businesses present for a free event.