“With this downturn in the economy my husband’s company has been losing money. A few months ago he had to layoff over 25 employees; some had been with the company for decades. For the past 6 months we have been struggling to pay our personal mortgage. My husband’s health is rapidly deteriorating because of the increasingly stressful situation. About 3 months ago we started to attend Sunday mass again. Since then I have really been praying for a solution. Now I know that God is listening to me because he sent you to save us. Your confidence in handling the situation is giving hopes to all the shareholders. I even saw a glimpse of true happiness in my husband’s eyes; something I hadn’t seen for a long time. Thank you so much for giving me my man back!”

– Maria, wife of the CEO Food Transformation and Packaging Co.

“This guy has been the captain of every team he has played for. Give him a ball and let him run with it. With a guy like him on your team, your job is to sit back in the end zone and collects the accolades and the trophies!”

P. Lemire, CEO IT Co.

“I have worked with Marco twice. Once reporting to Marco and once he worked for me. In both cases I was impressed with Marco and would seek out continued relations and opportunities. Marco is no doubt a professional with the highest ethics. His natural salesmanship is without question. But perhaps one of his greatest assets is his ability to organize, systemize and through these skills, bring success to those he works with. As a management consultant he is able to get to the point and quickly discern what is happening – he is extremely capable and experienced. There are many other solid qualities which Marco exhibits, including his personal disposition and ease at making relationships and natural understanding of human nature and ability to read people. He is a cleaver businessman and understands what business is about and how to get it done. He is a tremendous presenter and trainer and does this with ease. Marco’s experience, training, personal ethic and drive make Marco a rare individual – an asset to all those he comes in touch with. Thank you Marco”

J. Zevgolis, Executive VP, Software Co.

“When the Vantage Point consultant came it was like a tornado. Our entire business has been revamped in the process – I have never made so much money. We have been with him for 3 months now, and as long as I have a word to say, he’s staying. It would be my pleasure to recommend them to any other restaurant owner. One bit of advice: Get ready for the ride of your life!”

– B. Chavez, Restaurant Owner

“I’ve had the pleasure to interact professionally with Marco on multiple occasions in the past 8 years, and he has always managed to impress me with his financial acumen, his attention to details and the remarkable way through which he seems to grasp and tackle business deals. Marco is a great source of knowledge for anyone looking to start a new venture, improve the performance of their company or simply learn how to use their income more efficiently. He’s helped me look at streams of revenue from a different perspective, he challenged my old way of thinking, and it’s exactly this fresh ideology which I think makes Marco an invaluable business contact!”

A. Damian, Engineer/Entrepreneur

“I am always amazed by the passion he has for helping people to succeed. Marco is an ethical businessman who is dedicated to the success of his clients. He is a constant learner who is not afraid to push his own limits beyond the zone of comfort. A born achiever, he is always striving to reach higher levels of accomplishment in all areas of his life. All these qualities make him an outstanding business consultant. He brings numerous ideas to a project at hand and is able to choose the best path to achieve success. I highly recommend his services.”

G. Fedorova, Multi-Business Entrepreneur

“ Marco follows a disciplined approach to understanding business problems, understandable solutions and implementing systems. I have seen his work free up time for overworked business owners so that they could better focus on making money. I would throw in that Marco demands more of himself than of those who employ him, and he consistently rises to the occasion.”

R. Goedendorp, Business Intelligence Co.

“After engaging with Marco on topics relative to volatile tangibles in the restaurant industry, I found him to be highly knowledgeable and refreshingly candid on all questions I presented. His experience speaks volumes, and would be an asset to any entrepreneur starting a business or any business in need of excellent advisement.”

J. Washington, Restaurant Owner

“Marco is creative, hard working and dynamic. His ideas and suggestions literally changed my life for the better. If you’re thinking of hiring Marco, I’d say “Just Do It”.”

C. Beck, Consultant

“Marco is smart and detail oriented. He is always looking for better ways to serve his clients and to gain more knowledge to bring to the table. This approach, in my opinion, is ALWAYS successful.”

C. Curry, Consultant

“Marco, Your knowledge and experience in business is an inspiration and that is always a pleasure to talk business with you, look into opportunities together and exchange. Keep up the good work!”

N. Lajoie, Actuary/International Speaker

“Marco is practical and straight to the point. Good to work with and someone I feel I could trust right away. I can recommend him highly.”

C. V. Teague, Marketing Entrepreneur/Author

“Marco is the person you should want to know. If you want to be known, know Marco. Marco is very professional and engaging in his demeanor and can get a sense of who you are, where you have been, and where you can potentially be after only one conversation. I say that because our professions are so different and yet immediately I felt as if he must have lived through the same hurdles and obstacles of my business. He understands business like nobody else!”

R. Lee, Owner Janitorial Co.

“I have had the pleasure to work with Marco. He is a personable professional with a sense of business and a marketing savvy that he’ll easily communicate and infuse to his clients and business partners.”

J.D. Savelli, CEO Business Investment Co.

“Marco Robert is a highly intelligent individual with a broad depth of knowledge and expansive experience in systems and business. If you are looking for results for your company, I highly recommend Marco as your consultant.”

A. Prentice, CEO Nutritional Co.

“Marco is a dedicated leader that is not afraid to fully commit to an endeavor until he reaches the agreed objectives. His creative and innovative ideas are always serving him well in overcoming obstacles that are met along the way. His gift is to ensure that processes and skills are indoctrinated in the day-to-day operation of the organization mandating his services. Integrity and respect are values that are paramount in the practice of his operation and do not leave any doubt that he cares about your success.”

M. Sbrollini, CEO Marketing/Entertainment Co.

“Over a series of meetings, Marco provided me with detailed training on the Vantage Point Management methodology. I was impressed with his depth of understanding of business processes and his diligence to help me understand the intricacies of the process. I strongly recommend Marco because of his knowledge, experience and patience in serving his customers.”

C. F. D’Cruz, Project Manager

“Marco has a heart of gold, is diligent and creative in his work, and follows through on his commitments. Great guy to work with!”

M. Petroff, Business Owner/Coach

“Marco’s global perspective on business and the business environment provided me with key insights that I could not have gained elsewhere.”

K. Steinbrecher, Finance Advisory Company

“I would like to recommend Marco and Vantage Point Strategy Consulting. I believe Marco’s unique approach to business optimization is helpful to any company looking to streamline operations and save money. Marco applies a proprietary business process framework which results in increased revenue and decreased business expenses.”

S. Bergman, Project Manager

“You are the miracle we have been praying for” (Translated from Spanish)

– Eva and Juan C., Restaurant Owners

“I am the owner of (…). Last year, prior to starting work with Vantage Point, I was running in circles trying to increase membership in my club. At best, I was just sustaining membership, replacing those who left with new ones and not really gaining ground.
The main benefit of Vantage Point is that they work as a coach. I’m a coach and I know what I need to do to make my members become better fencers. Vantage Point is my coach, making me a better business person. They work hard to empower me and keep me on my toes on marketing, selling the product and find niches to fill. They didn’t work for me for 14+ months without my expecting some results, and there were results! If anyone is interested in growing their business, I urge you to call Vantage Point Strategy Consulting.”

– Eric, Athletic Club Owner/Coach

“The internet has Web 2.0 – Our business has the Vantage Point’s BOSS system!”

– L. Winkle, Social Media Business Owner

“The (Vantage Point) consultant’s ability to find opportunities that allowed our business the chance to create a win/win situation for both the doctor and the patient is impressive. And, if you pay attention to what he says you are certain to learn something useful. His straight forward honesty may appear direct at times but it only serves to show his passion to get the best he can out of individuals with less fanfare. I strongly recommend that any professional service business look into the BOSS system. It’s a straight forward way of doing business ethically and profitably.”

– Dr. P. Carlisle, Dentist

“Marco is not just good, he is off the charts fantastic and one of the few for whom the word awesome is accurate.
Why is Marco so good? Simply because he communicates basic management concepts in a most creative and dynamic way. He inspires, motivates and then also gives scientific management models that will blow you away. Marco is a leader of leaders. If you want your company’s management team to be shaken to the core and inspired to climb to the top while being given practical hands-on wisdom on how to run a business, Marco Robert is as good as it gets. Call me anytime and I will personally verify these statements. Call Marco and he will surely help your business.”

– Mr. Yip, CEO Hotel Group

Dear Marco,
“Frankly, when you started to work with us I was suspect. I’m sorry if I appeared somewhat uninterested. But, in all the years I’ve worked in the hotel business I never thought someone could come and tell me how to do my job better. But, you rapidly showed me how you are all for improving customer satisfaction and that resonated well with me.
The hotel owner in me has always been a fervent enthusiast of providing the highest possible level of customer care, but I never realized how I could really profit from it. Your simple approach of departmentalizing our business into two distinct divisions really opened up my eyes. In the 30+ days that we have worked with you our sales have already increased by 10% from last year. In the next 12 months we anticipate adding $250,000 to our bottom line and that will be directly because of our involvement with your firm. Thank you so much.”

– T. Liddle, Hotel Co-Owner/General Manager

“To say the least, taking over my father’s business practically overnight, after him doing such a great job at it for years, hasn’t been easy. Thank you for the support you brought me and for instilling confidence in the shop workers. They finally started to trust in my ability to take over. I thought that my enthusiasm and my business knowledge would be enough; I never anticipated the “human” factor. Thank you for your help. My mother, my brother and I are sincerely grateful.”

– B. Silver, Auto Parts Recycling

“Your company is great to work with. To be honest you cannot beat the service or the people that I have dealt with. Marco is a real “business doctor”! Mark my words, Vantage Point’s management consulting system will be the next killer-app in Silicon Valley.”

– D. Ramirez, CTO, IT Co.

“Vantage Point and their BOSS system have really helped our business. I like our management consultant more and more each day because he makes my life a lot easier. Thanks for the great service.”

– F. Jackson, Healthcare Co.

“It’s exactly what I’ve been looking for. Marco has completely changed how I look at my business. I love your BOSS system.”

– K. Orbitz, Business Owner, Small Retail Store

“Thanks to your consultant, we’ve just launched our 5th store! Your company is great to work with. It’s all good. Really good! You are the Einstein of business management!”

– Alexander Torres, Retailer

“I really wish I was better with words to sincerely express my deepest gratitude. Before we worked with you we wanted to sell our music store and music school. It wasn’t easy to let go, but with your help now we understand that with better delegation and organization not only do we want to keep the business, we’re loving every minute of it. Not only are our sales people more productive, but we now have the total buy in of our managers. Over the course of the last 6 weeks you have saved us over $100,000 – that’s money you added to our bottom line. Thank you. We would be happy to recommend your services.”

– Jan & Case, Music Store/Music School Owners

“My business associate and I hadn’t talked in months. With your assistance we negotiated a compromise and we are both happy with the end results. I’m 100% satisfied with your service, and Cameron says he’s 70% satisfied with the final results. (I have never seen him more satisfied of anything!) That’s more than we could have anticipated after only 3 days of your time. Your involvement has saved our veterinary clinic. I could never thank you enough!”

– Dr. Roberts, Veterinarian

“Thank you for your services. My wife and I considered closing our equipment dealership because we were losing money every year. You may have helped save 40 jobs. You are my new best friend. You’ll always be welcomed in my house.”

– Thomas, Owner, Tractor Dealership

“Since working with you, our scientists are more involved in the daily operation of our laboratory. Their roles, and positions are better defined and they are more accountable to the rest of us. We are now running our laboratory like a business, not like a university department.”

– Dr. Farisley, CEO Laboratory, Sedimentary Analysis

“Thank you for assessing the value of our business and negotiating a management buy-out. Now, our owner can retire and I can take over at a fair price.”

– Service Provider – Oil Pipeline/Construction

“I am very satisfied with your consulting service. You are very well organized. With the new business presentation you created for us and with the advice you gave me, I am now confident to attract the investors we need to take our business to the next level. I am a smart business owner, but I was not able to figure out my next move until you showed up, and you did it so effortlessly. You are a very smart businessman; I mean it.”

Owner, Internet Service Provider (ISP)

“Thanks for making our employees more productive. With the shortage of staff in the province and my company growing faster than ever before I really needed your help. I will recommend you to all my business friends.”

– Service Provider – Oil/Construction

“Even in the short time you were here you made a big impact. You opened up my eyes and I now feel I can take over when my dad is ready to retire. I wish I worked with you sooner, you would have avoided me so many headaches.”

– Assistant & Daughter of Owner of Construction Business

“The Vantage Point consultant helped all the staff members to gain a better idea of what is required of them under the new system and helped implement many of the changes that were necessary. Vantage Point really helped their implication is simply immeasurable and the end results have exceeded my expectation. Call them right now!”

– M. Piedora, Restaurant Owner

“The consultants’ knowledge was beyond compare and most importantly, their willingness to address any issue or concern I had was imperative. I am a much more informed and confident business owner as a direct result of their honest desire to make my company more successful. Vantage Point Strategy Consulting cared about me and my business. “

– S.J. Smith, Owner Grocery Story

“The consultant has provided us with a management approach, system and financial tracking program that will ensure our growth and margins to profit for years to come. These systems and procedures include break even, short interval, budgeting and cash management. He provided us his insight on how to manage a business from an objective perspective.”

– G. Smith, Restaurant Owner

“What can I say? Vantage Point’s consultant happened to be just what I needed! He gently pushed me in a direction that allowed me to see the business as a whole which resulted in intelligent decisions from me and a more positive attitude for my employees. Now I am really a B.O.S.S.”

– C. Newman, Bakery Owner

“Our restaurant was producing sales but had been seeing a minimal return in the profit. Vantage Point Strategy Consulting came in, assessed the restaurant from top to bottom and formulated a game plan to produce profit that is directly related to our currents sales and projected sales for the future. They were thorough and professional in every aspect. We are very satisfied with their work and highly recommend them to any organization.”

– B. Aitona, Restaurant Owner

“Marco is an organized, intelligent professional that takes a seemingly complicated problem and puts workable strategies together. He brings his years of experience to bear for his clients”

– R. Maddex, Alarm Co. Franchise

“…I can say that our consultant helped me greatly in my business by feeding me with a constant flow of information, data, and knowledge. He also always ensured that his consulting service fee was covered by the increased profit of the business. It is without hesitation that I recommend his services to any business owner.”

– G. A. Velasquez, Bar & Restaurant Owner