Restaurant & Catering Business

Number of Program Participants: 10
First Year Results: $325,000 in Increased Revenues

Participating Organization Profile

Restaurant and Catering Business

Organization’s Key Objectives

1. Profits every month
2. Increase dollars spent per customer
3. Increase restaurant and catering sales
4. Cut costs while maintaining quality


The participants’ Ideas for Action resulted in $325,000 in dollars returned back to the business in the form of revenue-generating initiatives or cost containment. Some of the ideas implemented by participants:

• Brand awareness to additional segment of market: $45,000
• Re-engineered kitchen processes: $12,000
• Created incentives for wait staff to up-sell to customers: $50,000
• Improved vendor relations resulting in an additional $80,000 in savings or support for special events

What They Say

Building Products Inc., founded in 1957, is a large supplier of building materials. The company implemented our Measurable Management program in all of their key locations.
In 2008, in a market with the number of new homes in sharp decline, numerous manufacturers have reported drops in the demand for their products as much as 30 to 50%. In this very same downward cycle, Building Products Inc. achieved record sales and did so without increasing costs.
What made this incredible success story possible?
A survey of customers revealed that Building Products
Inc. significantly outperformed their competitors in customer service. The speed, frequency and accuracy of deliveries have been a deciding factor in choosing Building Products Inc. as their preferred supplier. One customer was quoted as saying, “They are like my own personal warehouse”.
Lee Schull, President of Building Products, is quick to point out that our Measurable Management program was instrumental in developing a workforce that is both acutely customer-focused and financially aware.
Chris Fischer, General Manager, said, “I hear our people, on a regular basis, give credit to Measurable Management for the improvements that they have implemented”.