At The Vantage Point Company, fairness is in our DNA. We believe customer satisfaction is tantamount to building a solid business foundation. Therefore, when clients engage us we carry the bulk of the risks associated with our training programs.

We offer a variety of Corporate and Entrepreneur Training Programs designed for our clients specific needs. In the past, some of the measurable programs we offer have averaged over 10 times direct return on investment (ROI) for the clients.

However, some of our programs are measurable and some, by their nature, are not. I.e.: It is easy to measure the ROI of a project where the objective is to increase sales or marketing campaign performance. It is not so easy to measure it when the goal is to improve employee morale and accountability.

To overcome this situation and to make our clients as satisfied as possible each of our training program has a different level of satisfaction guarantee. Some of our seminars will offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee, and some of our corporate trainings offer a 200% Money Back Guarantee. (*Prorated on actual results received.) The Bottom Line: We guarantee to dramatically improve the performance of your employees and your company with virtually no risk to you. And we guarantee you will get tools and strategies you can use to grow your business by 40-300% and increase your profitability by 50% within 12 months.

For more information about the Vantage Point Guarantees please contact us directly or discuss this matter with your representative.