The Vantage Point Company is a subsidiary of Tumiza Strategy Consulting. We offer corporate training programs and seminars custom-made for our clients’ needs or designed to fulfill a critical economic demand.

Depending on the training offered our target audiences vary from micro entrepreneurs to Fortune 500 companies. However, all our clients share one key trait: They all want to increase the performance of their employees, managers, and executives and they know that the best way to get there is via training.

Offering a superior training experience, The Vantage Point Company provides the most comprehensive and Twenty-First Century-adapted training programs.

All our trainers and management consultants have previously spent years achieving superior results in the entrepreneurial and corporate world before being considered as part of our team.

What sets us apart?

Our programs offer a unique blend of business consulting and corporate training. They are highly tailored to the key business objectives and challenges of your company.

The Bottom Line: We guarantee to dramatically improve the performance of your employees and your company with virtually no risk to you.

Our Programs…

  • Deliver Results Every Time
  • Increase Your Business’s Performance
  • Hit On Your Key Business Objectives and Challenges
  • Get You and Your People Fully Engaged
  • …at virtually no risk to you.

A Word from Our Head Trainer

I am health food enthusiast, a wine country aficionado and a management entrepreneur living on the beautiful San Francisco peninsula. As a business consultant, trainer, and innovator, I am inspired to bring progressive management techniques and best business practices to my clients. I am an avid reader, researcher and seminar attendee; always on the lookout for distinctions to improve my clients’ performance. I love what I do. The line that separates my personal life from my business life is often blurred. Everything I do either educates me, inspires me or amuses me. At home, when watching TV, I like to surf between Bloomberg, History and the Comedy Channel.

I love to create business growth and profits. That’s probably how I earned the nickname “The Profit Doctor”.

I am extremely passionate about learning and sharing…some say it shows in our trainings! All my trainings are designed to empower people…probably because I recognize the importance of training leaders and entrepreneurs to change organizations and create a prosperous economy.