Large Hostital Network

Number of Program Participants: 14
First Year Results: $1,313,846

Participating Organization Profile

Healthcare system with more than 20 sites, serving communities within a 70-mile radius.

Organization’s Key Objectives

1. Improve patient flow on 1st Floor
2. Increase customer satisfaction
3. Improve productivity & profitability


The participants implemented 24 projects in several areas of the hospital including: Admissions, Ambulatory Services/Infusion Center, Cardiology, Customer Service, Diagnostic/Imaging Services, Fiscal Services, In-Patient Care, Laboratory, Emergency Room, Outpatient/Surgical Services and Radiology.

• Annualized monetary improvements from projects implemented ranged from $4,615 (Laboratory) to $1,180,000 (Admissions).
• Total measurable improvements were $1,313,846 in the first year alone.
• Assuming a typical “life span” of five years for such improvements, the potential savings and increased revenue is in excess of $6.5 million.
• Other improvement projects resulted in:
o Increased customer satisfaction and improved productivity in the areas of Diagnostic/Imaging and Admissions, Cardiology, In-Patient Care, Laboratory and Radiology.
o Improved patient safety and compliance requirements in the areas of Diagnostic/Imaging Services, Emergency Room and Outpatient/Surgical Services.
o Met certification requirements/compliance in several areas.

Program Clients

These organizations are succeeding with our program.