We offer two types of trainings:

I. Corporate Trainings (click here for upcoming corporate trainings)

II. Entrepreneur Trainings (click here for upcoming entrepreneur trainings)

Vantage Point corporate trainings are aimed team leaders, supervisors and first-line managers working for corporations. Our entrepreneur trainings are aimed at small and medium-size business owners who are actively involved in the day-to-day operation of their businesses.

The objective of all Vantage Point trainings is to develop a customer-focused culture that will translate strategy into measurable outcomes by engaging leaders to facilitate change.


Our Corporate Trainings are based on three primary platforms:

  1. The first platform is Leadership and Team Building. It equips leaders and supervisors with the tools they need to involve people and effectively facilitate change.
  2. The second platform is the Process Improvement portion which will provide team leaders with the technical knowledge they need to implement change.
  3. The third platform is the practice of Implementing Improvement ideas that are directly related to the organization’s key objectives.

Intention of our Corporate Trainings: Show your team leaders and supervisors how to cultivate a teamwork culture within your organization. Provide them with the technical know-how for process improvement. Deliver and implement measurable improvements that are directly linked to the specific needs and key objectives of your organization.


Our Corporate Training begins with the key issues or objectives for your organization. Senior leadership defines what top two or three key improvements they would like to see occur within the organization during the term of the program. Then we fashion a training to empower your team leaders to deliver measurable results within these key objectives.


Throughout the program the team leaders will take part in work-based activities that will cause them to evaluate every aspect of their job. Through this process they will identify areas of improvement (also known as Ideas for Action) that fall within the key objectives set forth for the program. By the end of the program, your team leaders act on these Ideas for Action and implement improvement projects that will deliver measurable results.


Throughout the training, we set the framework for continuous improvement by transferring skills and knowledge and enabling your team leaders to translate organizational strategies into real, measurable outcomes.


Our Entrepreneur Trainings are based on three platforms:

  1. The first platform is Entrepreneur Mindset. It teaches entrepreneurs the fundamental mindset necessary for business success.
  2. The second platform is the Business Management. It encompasses the basic technical precepts of management: Business Organization, Business Operation, Customer Satisfaction, Marketing, and Sales.
  3. The third platform is the practice of Business Strategy. At this level, training participants learn to implement process improvements for long lasting results. We dwell on the different levels of execution from tactical to strategic.

Intentions of our Entrepreneur Trainings: Build the entrepreneurial foundation necessary to create a profitable and long-lasting business venture. Address the different tactical and strategic ways for achieving the profit outcomes sought by participants. Give participants a hedge against the odds of entrepreneurship and a spring board to create the financial outcome they want for themselves and their family.

The Power of our Entrepreneur Trainings

Marco Robert, our head trainer, has invested more than 20 years in the research of what differentiates successful entrepreneurs. Our Entrepreneur Trainings are a culmination of all he has learned and assimilated in that process. It is designed to empower you with the cutting-edge systems, skills, and strategies you need for creating an invincible advantage – especially during uncertain and changing times. Over the course of a minimum of 45 days you will work alongside your trainer as well as a small group of other like-minded entrepreneurs, to model and distill the best business practices that create long-term success.


• Financial management strategies.

• The X-Factor.

• Business performance drivers’ optimization.

• Negotiation and deal making strategies.

• Customer relationships and referral strategies.

• Risk analysis and business problem solving strategies.


This program is not for everyone. It is designed for those individuals whose expectations and standards are non-negotiable. It is for leaders who have already achieved extraordinary success – and want more. Those looking for an easy answer frankly are advised not to apply. Clearly anyone seeking an easy path should never have gone into business in the first place.

Business involves unimaginable levels of complexity. The power of our Entrepreneur Trainings is the understanding that those levels, while complex, are finite and are overcome daily by successful entrepreneurs all over. They can be filtered, optimized and maximized. It is also to compress decades into days – accelerating the pace at which you can make the effective decisions that will take your organization to the next level.

Understand the critical factors that are impacting your business right now.

Learn a systematic method to elicit, utilize, and maximize every business problem that has not yet been solved by you and your team. By looking at your business through the eyes of your colleagues, you will discover what needs to be solved first and how to sequence your approach to build momentum and maximize your success.

Design a powerful vision for your entrepreneurial venture.

Regardless of how successful or profitable your enterprise is; without a compelling vision for its future, you will not grow. You will design and refine a vision that is big enough to both inspire and reignite the passion and genius that were the genesis of your empire and find a pathway through the current challenging times.

Understand the importance of your organization’s stage of life.

Organizations, like all living creatures, have stages of life. They are born, they age, they mature, and they die. Only by understanding where you business is in this cycle, can you anticipate, predict and solve the inevitable challenges that will occur in your business in advance.

Start thinking about your eventual “exit strategy”.

Most entrepreneurs set out to create a business – and ultimately create either a glorified hobby or a high paying job. You must create a plan for your organization that is outside of yourself individually, to ensure that you do not own a job, but rather achieve the precise personal and strategic objectives in alignment with what it is you really want.

Tap into the power of the “mastermind”.

Since Napoleon Hill coined the term back in 1937, exclusive mastermind groups have served as an extraordinary catalyst for growth, transformation, and impact. Using the power of accountability, focus, measurement and action, you will learn from each person’s successes and failures, cross-pollinate success tactics and contribute beyond yourself as part of these entrepreneurial elite.

Solving Real Business Problems

• Activating new sources of leads and referrals.

• Improving cash flow and profitability during a recession.

• Creating new profit opportunities with better deals.

• Anticipating problems and creating solutions to maximize growth.

• Optimizing, Systemizing, Standardizing, and Maximizing the business value chain.

• Eliminating hidden expenses affecting your profits.