City Goverment

Number of Program Participants: 12
First Year Results: $524,400

Participating Organization Profile

Municipal Government of a city with an estimated population of 12,000.

Organization’s Key Objectives

1. Revenue: Increase revenue by increasing utilization of city facilities and services through improved promotion, quality of service and enhanced user experiences.
2. Cost Reduction: Reduce costs by maximizing the use of existing resources, elimination of waste and reduction of reliance on paper processes and manual procedures.
3. Economic Development: Enhance economic development opportunities through increased awareness and participation by involving all facets of city operations.
4. Citizen Satisfaction: Make the city a better place to live, to work and to do business through continuous improvement in communication, interaction, and service by all facets of city government.


• Implemented thirty-two (32) ideas for action with a first year savings to the city of $524,400.
• • Assuming a typical “life span” of five years for improvement projects implemented, the potential savings for the city is $2,622,000.

What They Say

The first city government in the U.S. completed the program with outstanding success. During the program, employees implemented process improvements that generated savings of over $500,000 in just the first year.

South Sioux City’s City Administrator, Lance Hedquist, stated, “Our City council has always been business like in its approach and the city is known for its efficiencies, but as you can see we can always do better.”

In what areas can your organization do better?