Napoleon Hill

The Inner Circle is our private mastermind group. Since Napoleon Hill coined the term “mastermind” back in 1937, exclusive mastermind groups have served as an extraordinary catalyst for growth, transformation, and impact. Using the power of accountability, focus, measurement and action, you will learn from each person’s successes and failures. You will become a master at the success tactic of cross pollinating and contribute beyond yourself as part of this entrepreneurial elite.

An invitation to join The Inner Circle is an exclusive one-time opportunity to partner with Vantage Point, a team of experts and other dedicated entrepreneurs to discover, design and codify the ultimate strategies every business owner needs to thrive.

NEW! The Inner Circle is now affiliated with an international organization of entrepreneurs. This association procures our members direct access to millionaire and billionaire entrepreneurs from all over the world. All members also receive a free Caribbean cruise to meet and mingle with some of the top entrepreneurs of the world. Last year over 40 billionaires took part in the cruise! On top of that, our members can also benefit from the largest online repository of information files to improve all aspects of their lives. No more need to take classes, all the information is here. Think of all the money you have spent before on personal development CD’s, seminars, and courses of all sort. No more! Whether you want to learn to trade stock, trade options, invest in real estate, start an online company, improve your relationship, live a healthy life or pretty much anything else, all that information is now accessible to you at no additional charge.

Membership to the Inner Circle group is by invitation only. The entrepreneurs selected to be part of this group are 110% committed to the success of their personal and business endeavors. Acceptance into the group is by application only, and membership is limited.

Your Inner Circle membership benefits include:

I. VIP Membership into your local chapter of Inner Circle.

*Private Inner Circle retreats, workshops, seminars, conferences and/or expert panels.

*One-time Analysis of your business needs with our recommended plan for action.

*FREE VIP access to all Vantage Point Entrepreneur Trainings.

*Mastery book club – (one book a month from Marco).

*Dedicated peer group of entrepreneurs.

*Private Mastermind Meetings with Marco.

*Marco’s mobile telephone number.

*Take part in the Jobenomics 2020 grassroots movement and Help turn the economy around.

II. Exclusive Membership into an international organization of entrepreneurs.

*A FREE Caribbean Cruise

*Exclusive and FREE access to Never-before released Information. Online library of over 20,000 text, audio and video files all these topics:

  • Make serious money
  • Develop global wealth
  • Protect your assets
  • Achieve financial independence
  • Be debt free
  • Develop a lifetime permanent monthly income
  • Develop emotional well being
  • Develop ultimate inner peace and happiness
  • Eliminate depression, fear, insecurity, anger, or other emotional issues
  • Cure and prevent disease without drugs and surgery
  • Benefit from anti-aging secrets
  • Learn from and associate with the most powerful successful people in the world
  • Use the secrets from over 20 “secret societies”
  • Use the Law of Attraction in real life
  • Attract and manifest a new car or cars
  • Attract and manifest a new home or homes
  • Attract and manifest romantic love
  • Attract and manifest your perfect healthy slim body
  • Attract and manifest more friends and better social status
  • Be in control of all people and situations
  • Have, BE or Do everything and anything you desire
  • Learn the secrets of the privileged elite class never before revealed

This is about you taking your place at the table of experts and empire builders.

Welcome to the Inner Circle.