Entrepreneur Mastery Seminar

Entrepreneur Mastery Is About One Thing Above All Else… Creating Breakthroughs

A breakthrough is that one single element that completely revolutionizes your business—allowing you to expand and profit in explosive and invigorating ways. A breakthrough is the first step on a journey to creating an extraordinary unstoppable enterprise in any industry, in any economy. A breakthrough is what happens when you’re not just managing your business, but truly mastering every aspect of it.

This marketing series of for the entrepreneur who really desires to grow his/her business; for the visionary who can’t sit on the sideline any longer!

This is a series of six full days of training typically delivered over the course of six consecutive weeks. During the seminars, budding entrepreneurs and veteran business people alike are transported to the world of best business practices. This training is 100% based on the BOSS management consulting system that we developed while working with over 100 businesses of all types. The BOSS system is also based on our analysis of study that was published in the respectful Harvard Business Review.

During the training students learn the fundamentals of business success. They learn to think like business magnates, organize their business in a way that promotes ideal collaborations and operate their business for maximum profitability. Participants also learned advanced techniques for better customer satisfaction, more impactful marketing and high yielding sales approaches.

By the end of the training, student learn to put all they know together in a strategic way that benefits their business. They understand the critical factors that are impacting their business right now. Learn a systematic method to elicit, utilize, and maximize every business problem that has not yet been solved by them or their team. By looking at their business through a new filter, students discover what needs to be solved first and how to capture, categorize, and sequence their approach to build momentum and maximize success.

If you are ready to sharpen your strategic skills, develop a clear vision for your business, network with like-minded peers and solve the most perplexing challenges facing your company, you are ready for Entrepreneur Mastery.

Massive Impact Marketing Seminar

Massive Impact Marketing is an advanced seminar that provides business leaders with the advanced tools and strategies necessary to grow their business in a complex and ever-changing business environment. Participants get to model and learn from a select group of other entrepreneurs and business leaders. The program’s interactive lectures, simulations, exercises and information-sharing will challenge you so that you walk away with a deep understanding of the complexities of your business, as well as a comprehensive plan of action to revolutionize your company’s operations.

After each training students go home with a specific assignment. After 10 weeks all students are expected to have implemented profit strategies that more than cover the cost of the training.

“Having intelligence is not as important as knowing when to use it,

just as having a hoe is not as important as knowing when to plant.”

—Chinese Proverb

Over the course of 10 weeks, our master trainers cover the world’s best marketing strategies and demonstrate ways that they can be implemented in your specific business. What would your business look like in five or ten years if you were able to grow your profitability regardless of the marketplace or external environment?