Food & Beverage

Restaurant & Catering Business

Number of Program Participants: 10
First Year Results: $325,000 in Increased Revenues

Participating Organization Profile

Restaurant and Catering Business

Organization’s Key Objectives

1. Profits every month
2. Increase dollars spent per customer
3. Increase restaurant and catering sales
4. Cut costs while maintaining quality


The participants’ Ideas for Action resulted in $325,000 in dollars returned back to the business in the form of revenue-generating initiatives or cost containment. Some of the ideas implemented by participants:

• Brand awareness to additional segment of market: $45,000
• Re-engineered kitchen processes: $12,000
• Created incentives for wait staff to up-sell to customers: $50,000
• Improved vendor relations resulting in an additional $80,000 in savings or support for special events

What They Say


“I’ve taken many other management courses and this is by far the best. Some of the small ideas have turned into big gains. One idea at the front desk alone generated an extra $24,000 in room sales. I’m so pleased with my experience with the program, I now intend to put other managers, staff, and team members through the program.”

- Kyle Johnson, Owner
  AmericInn Motel & Suites

Vantage Point Company

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