15 Symptoms of a Sinking Business

15 Symptoms of a you must know to Turn Your into a Massive Customer Magnet for Immediate profit.
How can you get the key to that door which opens up the business opportunities of a lifetime? The first step is to find out what are some of the things you have been doing wrong and then, correct them. So let’s analyze 15 symptoms that contribute to the sinking of most business.
1. We call this first one the “World’s Worst Salesman”–not serving your customers to the fullest by offering them a wide spectrum of products and services.
2. Not using Direct Result Marketing–not having the means to measure the performance of your marketing dollars spent.
3. Not understanding the expandability of markets–thinking in close-minded terms about the potential of your specific market.
4. The dumbest advertisement idea–spending hard to earn dollars on non-productive TV adds.
5. Not showing your “wounds” and “scars” –assuming that by hiding your faults, the customers will not find out about them.
6. Trying to act as if your customers don’t have any objections–living in a bubble and thinking that all will be fine in “Pleasantville”
7. Marketing to what people are, instead of what they want to be–trying to attract people on the basis of what they are rather than what they want to be.
8. Having Big Egos — Having plenty of competition but assuming your company is better, just because . . . well . . . it’s your company, so it’s got to be better.
9. Falling Victim to the Field-of-Dreams Syndrome — Building a new concept before you talk to potential customers, on the assumption that they’ll come anyway when the concept is ready.
10. Not Knowing Where the Cash Is — No one knows how much cash is available, and expenses aren’t carefully analyzed to see how they help growth.
11. Making One Sale, Then No Sales — Even when you’re unable to find new customers, you are reluctant to rethink your business plans.
12. Buying for Tomorrow — Renting too much office space, over-hiring, and over-buying.
13. Not treating customers as THE most important part of your business–losing sight of the role your customers play in your business.
14. Lowering your prices and dumping your products or services below their real value.
15. Cutting marketing and innovation expenses at the first signs of business decline — forgetting the purpose of marketing and innovation.
The issue right now is how you can transform your business into that massive customer magnet for immediate profit, you don’t have to think it out; that has been done. I have developed solutions for each of the symptoms mentioned above which if applied will get you the expected and promised result faster than you think. These solutions are a product of a new system called (Business Operational Strategic System)-The Management system of the information Era. My subsequent blog will feature solutions for each of the symptoms in detail such that you can start to implement them for immediate result.
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The Vantage Point Company Joins the Jobenomics Movement and Pledges to Create 10,000 jobs!

Everyone is stunningly aware of the state of the US economy. We all feel it or know someone who is affected by it. For most of us, our investments have been stagnant at best and the values of homes have been depreciating. But we can live without investments and homes. What we can’t live without is an income. Job security means economic security.

The confidence that we will have an income tomorrow, next month and next year is very important. It affects our spending and investing decisions. A regular income is what creates security in our lives. It’s what makes us trust in the future. Thus, it is what makes us “invest” in the future. And, it is what makes the economy flourish.

Until we start feeling secured about our future we won’t take the actions necessary to turn the economy around. It’s almost an oxymoron, but that’s the way it works. The economy is a direct reflection of the mood of people. It’s like a mood ring. It changes color with the different levels of stress felt by the population. We move our money only when we feel secure; when we feel more will come. And money movement – or velocity – is a critical factor in the state of the economy. The faster we are willing to move our money and the more transactions we do with the same money are important factors defining the health of our economy.

The point I am trying to make is that only consumers can fix the economy. The Congress, the Treasury and The Federal Reserve do what they can to give us fiscal and monetary incentives to move our money faster, but they can’t do it for us. Lowering interest rates, for example, should be an incentive to NOT keep your money in the bank, thus invest it, or use it to buy something, or start a and create jobs. But even though the interest rates are at the lowest point they have been in decades, we are still hunkering down, saving and still afraid to move our money. The important point here is that only WE can fix this economy.

When the average American is turning towards the Obama administration blaming them (or the previous administration) for the economy, one man, Chuck Vollmer is talking about real solutions. Chuck wrote a book last year called Jobenomics – A Plan for America. Just like its title says, the book delineates a plan for fixing our economy. In it, Chuck elaborates a plan to create 20 million jobs by 2020 to correct the current downward economical tendencies.

Along with the book, Mr. Vollmer created a grassroots movement to encourage people to jump on board with his ideas. See www.jobenomics.com.

Jobenomics, the book, deals with the economics of job, wealth and revenue creation. Jobenomics, the national grassroots movement, has a goal of creating 20 million new US private sector jobs by 2020 (20 by 20). The Jobenomics’ Plan for America has prescriptions for small, large, foreign and emerging technology jobs creation concepts and initiatives.

The Vantage Point Co. has joined the grassroots movement and pledged to help creating 10,000 jobs and/or $10,000,000 in revenue growth.

Summary of the Issue

After sixty years of growth in America, jobs creation stopped. The American economic engine lost almost a million private sector jobs in the last decade, compared to gains of 10 to 20 million new jobs in previous decades. Some would say that the lost decade of the 2000s was an anomaly, and that the US economy will naturally right itself over time. Jobenomics takes the position that the American economic engine stalled because we turned away from business and self‐sufficiency. The possibility of a jobless recovery and chronic US unemployment is disturbingly real. Even optimistic forecasts by our President do not see normal employment rates returning until 2016. To get our economic engine running again, America needs to create a minimum of 20 million new private sector jobs by 2020 (20 by 20). This means that the US economy needs to generate an average of 167,000 new private sector jobs each month. During calendar year 2010, the US produced 1/3 the number private sector jobs needed to sustain a recovery. Historically, the decades of the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s produced an average of 20 million new private sector jobs. So, 20 million jobs are achievable in recent history. Regarding the future, new entrants to the workforce require about 130,000 new jobs per month, which equates to 14 million people per decade. Reducing the current unemployment rate to below 6% would require another 6 million jobs. Consequently, a realistic range is somewhere around 20 million jobs.

How The Vantage Point Company Will Do It

Jobenomics “20 by 20” Campaign is comprised of four business categories: Small & Self‐Employed, Large, Foreign and Energy Technology Revolution. The Vantage Point Co. will focus its efforts and business know-how on helping the Entrepreneurs and Corporations (Self Employed, Small to Mid Size Businesses and Large Corporations) by giving them access to the tools for job creation.

You can help create jobs!

The Vantage Point Co. is currently engaged in a speaking tour to promote the Jobenomics movement. If you are a member of a business association or work for a large corporation please invite us to come and speak in front of your group.

To schedule an appearance of to ask us questions, you can reach us at 1-800-924-0693 or at info@vantagepointcompany.com.

Vantage Point Company

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